My name is Sheila Cheng. I am a Graphic designer focusing on Design like UI/UX, Branding, and Packaging. Also a pretty nice human overall.


I started to focus on interaction designs. App designs like Drop & Grow a food delivery app aim to reduces one-time dishware and Steps, an app to motivate lazy people to do excercise. Also I did editorial online publication named Add.


It's a lot of fun, designing from the most detail thing to the whole brand feels amazing. Unfold design conference, Puppet tea restaurant, Earthseawarrior, unique Wet market, T.R Security and Ellusion music festival.


I enjoy printed material and producing physical products, so I like to do packaging deisngs. I've designed an energy drink X-ZAPZ, Paiwan gin, Out of sight cosmetic brand and milk chocolate repackaging MM's.

Yes. Contact me! sheilascheng@gmail.com