UX/UI Branding Packaging

Drop & Grow

Drop & Grow will deliver your delicious food in our sustainable containers. Order from a huge selection of restaurants near you and earn game coins on every order to build your customized world. Drop & Grow make food delivery fun and special!
Dine with Drop & Grow and improve not only the environment but your health!
Get local food fast and easy with our ordering services. Request pickup or drop off at a nearby station after your delicious meal and earn coins for growing your world for extra fun!
Drop & Grow is a fun game that allows you to build and decorate your own world, share and compete with your friends and family, it’s not an ordinary delivery app.

Eat with our custom made containers that give you a unique picnic experience. Worried about unclean utensils? That’s not a problem! All Drop & Grow containers are sterilized so that they are fresh and clean.

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