UX/UI Branding Packaging

Puppet Tea

A Taiwanese style tea restaurant targeting people in the United States, located in New York City. Since people in the states are not that familiar with Taiwanese culture compare to other asian cultures, this project is to bring up attantion and knowledge about Taiwanese culture. Also to give a different experience in this busy city.

Logo design: Using the character 'tea' in Chinese which is 茶, and combine with an old man's face. Why an old man's face? People call traditional tea "old man tea" since elderly people love to drink this kinds of tea that uses the traditional way to make it.

Interior design: A unique design with more private space for group customers, every spot has a television insert in the wall that's designed like a puppet show stage.

Packaging design: Puppet tea gift set with 8 flavors of famous Taiwanese tea in tea bag format, unique puppet stage box with different puppet character designs.

Kong-fu tea Process/Appreciation: Instructions for customers to view the traditional steps of making and appreciate tea while in the restaurant.

Other designs such as paper bags, bussiness cards(original/seasonal special) and restaurant menu.